Outlook 2011 (OS X)

  1. Start the Outlook program (typically found on the dock) by clicking on the Outlook icon.
  2. On the Outlook menu item, click on PREFERENCES.
  3. Click on the ACCOUNTS button. 
  1. Click on the E-Mail Account symbol in the middle of the box 

  1. The Enter your account dialogue box opens.
  • In E-mail address, enter your email address; e.g. JoeUser@uxo.net
  • Enter your password
  • In User name, enter your email address again
  • In Type, select IMAP
  • Incoming server, type mail.uxo.net and ensure SSL check box is checked
  • Outgoing server, type smtp.uxo.net and ensure SSL check box is checked
  • Click the  Add Account selection
  1. The Verify Certificate dialogue box opens. Click on the Continue button. Optionally, click on the Show Certificate button and choose the Always Trust from the drop down.
  1. In the Full name box, enter the common name you want recipients to see when an email is sent to them. For example, Joe User

  1. Close the dialogue box. Your e-mail account is now setup
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